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about company

Company “Technobasalt-Invest” is a world leading manufacturer of continuous basalt fibers and basalt based fiber products.

The success of our Company is based on the long-term experience of basalt based products manufacturing in conjunction with well-developed quality management system as well as with full guaranty of timely deliveries.

All products manufactured by our Company are united under one trade mark “technobasalt” and is certified in UkrSEPRO system (the Ukrainian National System of Certification).

Under the trade mark “technobasalt” today we manufacture three main basalt based products: basalt chopped roving (basalt fiber), basalt continuous roving and non-metal basalt rebar with periodical profile (basalt rebar).

 Our company:

·      successfully cooperates with Ukrainian and foreign customers worldwide: the geography of our international sales covers more than 15 countries of Europe, Middle East as well as USA, Canada, China and others;

·      to secure the best delivery conditions cooperates with big transport and logistics companies having full cycle of operations that secure fast deliveries of our products to any spot of the world;

·      is an active participant of all-Ukrainian and international specialized trade shows on composite and construction materials, scientific conferences and seminars.

The valuable assets of our company are production capabilities capable to satisfy any requests from our customers as well as the staff of experienced specialists who will with pleasure share with you their knowledge and will provide technical support in the area of efficient usage of our basalt based products.

We are always glad to our partners and invite you for long-term partnership.

about company