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Scientific-practical seminar in Ukravtodor


On October 2, 2014 the scientific-practical seminar "State bridge management and ways to improve it" took place at the State Agency of Ukrainian highways. The speakers are leading experts of "Ukravtodor", "DerzhdorNDI" and "NTU" with reports concerning: - the state of bridges, assessment and prediction of their technical condition, - modern designs of highway bridges and analytically-expert management of bridges, - identifying and monitoring the technical condition of bridges taking into account their work on moving (dynamic) load, - modern methods of research of bridge structures and law drafting in the sphere of design and operation of bridges and so on. In addition, the workshop reviewed the results of studies of the "DerzhdorNDI" on basalt fiber and rebar reinforcement in structures and transport facilities in order to improve the durability of bridges. In consequence of the lectures discussions it was taken a decision to recommend the use in the construction of bridges of new structural materials - basalt fiber and basalt rebar to improve the durability of structures.  Read more

Exhibition "Coneco 2014"


On the 23rd-25th of March experts of Technobasalt-Invest, LLC together with our Slovak partners took part in the exhibition "Coneco 2014", which took place in the Bratislava Exhibition Ground (Bratislava, Slovak Republic).  Read more

International scientific and application conference "Concrete and admixtures to concrete in modern construction"


On the 25th -26th of September we took part in the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Concrete and additives for concrete in modern construction”  Read more

SOU ratification


Since July 1, 2013 SOU № 42.1-37641918-091:2013 "Building Materials. Concrete roads reinforced with basalt fiber. General technical requirements" has been enacted, developed by Shulgin "DerzhDorNDI" subsidiary and approved by the "Minregionstroy".  Read more

Exhibiting at «Eco Construct Expo-2013»


From April 16th to April 20th, 2013 we have been participating in the exhibition «Eco Construct Expo-2013" in Abu Dhabi (UAE).  Read more

Exhibiting at «InterBudExpo 2013»


On March 26 – 29, 2013 in the exhibition center "KievExpoPlaza” was held the International Building Exhibition "InterBudExpo 2013", where our company has taken an active part.  Read more

Participation in the exhibition «Kyiv Build 2013»


On February 20 - 22, 2013 Technobasalt-Invest, LLC took part in the International Exhibition “Kyiv Build 2013”.  Read more

Seminar on structures designing with composite rebar


On February 14, 2013 a seminar “Innovative technologies in construction. Application of euro codes and composite rebar" was held.  Read more

National Standard ДСТУ-Н Б В.2.6-185:2012 National Standard ДСТУ-Н Б В.2.6-185:2012


A national standard DSTU-N B V.2.6-185:2012 "Instruction for design and production of concrere structures with nonmetallic composit reinforcement based on basalt and glass roving" was adopted. IIn accordance with paragraph 4.1 of DSTU 1.2:2003 "National standardization. The regulations documents development order" all users are allowed to use passed DSTU-N B V.2.6-185: 2012 since its approval by "Minregionstroy" from 28 September 2012.  Read more

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