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Basalt rebar

Basalt rebar
Basalt rebar

Basalt rebar is a bar with continuous spiral ribbing formed by means of winding by basalt strip oiled in highly durable polymeric compound.

Basalt rebar is a perspective composite material with a wide range of application in construction.

The rebars are resistant to corrosion and aggressive chemical compounds, is extremely light and durable.

Research results have shown that long life of constructions where basalt rebars were used considerably exceeds the life of similar constructions where other materials were used.

Characteristics Units Norms Control methods
Temporary tensile strength МПа 1100 ГОСТ 12004
Modulus of elasticity МПа 70000 ГОСТ 12004
Density gr/cm³ 1,9 ГОСТ 15139
External view - From dark brown to black Technical checkup (visual)

Technical advantages

  • Low specific weight: 4 times lighter than steel rebar
  • Resistance to corrosion, rotting, and warping
  • Unique chemical resistance (potash environment, hydrochloric acid, alkali, sea water and other aggressive environments)
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Working temperature range 70 - 100 °С
  • Long overhaul period for constructions
  • Considerably lower maintenance and repair expenses
  • Higher operational reliability and long life of constructions and products
  • Possibility to carry out installation and routine maintenance works without special load lifting mechanisms and machinery
  • Lower expenses for transporting constructions and elements of constructions to the place of installation due to lower weight of the product

Application spheres

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