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Basalt roving

Basalt roving
Basalt roving

Basalt roving is bundle of continuous monodirectional complex basalt fibers. Roving possesses high natural strength, resistance to aggressive environments, long service life and excellent electric insulating properties. By its technical characteristics, Basalt roving surpasses S-glass and E-glass by many parameters, and is almost as good as carbon. Basalt roving is extremely heat resistant: long-use temperature range is -200 +6800С. Temporarily it can work in up to 900 0С. Roving is extremely hard: 8-9 on the Moh scale (for comparison diamond=10). Its specific strength is 2,5 times higher than alloy steel’s and 1,3 times higher than E-glass.

Characteristics Units Indices Control methods
Monofilament diameter Micron 13 - 20 ГОСТ 6943.2-79
Linear density tex 68 – 4800 ГОСТ 6943.1-94
Breaking load cN/tex 50 - 55 ГОСТ 6943.10-79
Humidity % up to 0,2 ГОСТ 6943.8-79
Agent type (binder) Different binders depending on the final application   ГОСТ 6943.8-79
Reel weight kg 5 – 15  ГОСТ 29329-92
Unwinding type Internal/external ДСТУ ГОСТ 166-89 (ИСО 3599-76)


Technical advantages

  • Lightness, high mechanical strength, corrosion and chemical resistance to alkali and other aggressive environments
  • High frost resistance, heat resistance, moisture resistance
  • Sound absorption
  • Ability to filtrate aggressive substances
  • Unique chemical resistance
  • Resistance to salty sea water
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation
  • Dielectric character
  • Eco-friendliness

Application spheres

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